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Elizabeth Tryon is a pop music artist. She is also an opera singer.

Elizabeth’s new album Metamorphosis does exactly that, evolving from uplifting classical-crossover ballads to danceable songs that are pure mainstream pop.   Each song features inspiring lyrics and lush productions.

“Elizabeth Tryon combines classical and pop music into a flawless blend that she calls ‘symphonic pop’.” Kathy Millar, WHUD radio, NY

Elizabeth has been performing and writing pop and classical music since she was nine years old – when her school music teacher made the class sing scales and, much to Elizabeth’s surprise, told her that she had the voice of an opera singer.

Since then Elizabeth has sung classical music solo at Lincoln Center while her first pop single, which she also wrote, charted at Number 7 on the FMQB AC National Radio Chart.

She has performed solo on PBS television while placing in the Song of the Year pop songwriting competition and winning other fans’ choice awards.

Elizabeth even sang the opera part to the iconic pop song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (or Weem-o-weh) with the original group, The Tokens, at the song’s 50th anniversary celebration.

If you were to toss a heavenly choir into a blender, purée them, and then feed that melodic smoothie to a songbird, you would have the beautiful, wonderful voice of Elizabeth Tryon” – Mike Brumm, writer, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

As the only female opera-singer-turned-pop-artist, Elizabeth’s music is inspired by Evanescence, the Beatles, Madonna, and classical crossover singers like Josh Groban. She is also influenced by artists like Billy Joel who bring a classical foundation to pop music.

A recent member of The Recording Academy, Elizabeth studied with teachers from the Metropolitan Opera – she’s had lessons in every part of the building, including the dressing rooms – and at Indiana University School of Music.

With her album Metamorphosis, Elizabeth plans to inspire audiences with her danceable songs and soaring vocals.

Elizabeth lives in New York City. She is also a professional voice over artist.